Concrete Mixer

Concrete Mixer

Our concrete mixer features reasonable structure, good mixing quality, fast mixing, and low energy consumption. It can be used for mixing stiff, semi-stiff and wet concrete and concrete of different mixture ratios to meet needs in different working conditions.

Features of Concrete Mixer
1. The concrete mixer provides small size, easy operation, and saves on both labor and time.
2. Multi-protection units ensure safety for the operators.
3. The part of the material barrel which touches the raw material is all made of stainless steel. And the cylinder provides no dead corner, and is easy to clean and pollution-free.

CM-218 120 140 160 180
Tank capacity 120L 140L 160L 180L
Output capacity 80L 100L 120L 130L
Power of electric motor HP1/2 HP1/2 Hp1 Hp1
Length(cm) 130 130 135 135
Width(cm) 95 95 100 100
Height(cm) 125 130 138 138
Weight(kg) 68 70 74 78

Hongrunfa is a professional concrete mixer manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a variety of products, including two wheel wheelbarrow, Wheels, Casters, garden wagon, and wheelbarrow tray, among others.

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