TC1845 Metal Mesh Garden Cart

TC1845 Metal Mesh Garden Cart

TC1845 metal mesh garden cart is a good-carrying device which is mainly used for short-distance flower transportation on smooth ground. It is always used in flower farming, flower shop, flower exhibition center, garden center, plant, warehouse and etc. TC1845 metal mesh garden cart features simple structure, light weight and many other advantages when compared with others. Besides, it also enjoys specially designed wheels, which allows the wheels running more smoothly and rapidly. Meanwhile, since a rotation of 189 degrees is also available for carts’ front wheels, which offers our cart a better transportation performance. Therefore, it becomes popular in various fields.

Our metal mesh garden cart has detachable sides, so it could turn into a flatbed cart within several minutes. Thus, it could be applied to transfer large-size goods, such as woods, fence post and branches.

Thanks to the installment of handle, users could pull the cart easily in tough courses even when there are many rocks or muds on it. Therefore, a sophisticated horticulturist or even an amateur horticulturist, could all finished his job within few minutes with our metal mesh garden cart.

Overall Dimensions: 41”(L) x 18”(W) x 20”(H)
Bed Dimensions: 34”(L) x 18”(W) x 8.5”(H)
Wheel Dimensions: 10”(L) x 3”(W) x 9.5”(H)
Handle Dimensions: 29”(L) x 1”(D)
Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.
Weight: 42 lbs.
Color: Green
Material: Steel, Mesh, Rubber
Instructions and hardware included
Assembly required (with instructions)

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